E x p e r i e n c e   C o u n t s

F r o m   t h e   P R E S E N T . . .

Night Ranger was formed in 1980, and two years later after awarded instant success from radio airplay

and a dozen MTV hit videos, began touring the world with Kiss, ZZ Top, Journey, Def Leppard and many

others. After the 1984 release of their smash hit Sister Christian, the boys gained headline status.

“I’m sure we played every Coliseum in the USA throughout the Eighties”, Brad continues. Armed with

an impressive collection of vintage guitars and amps, Brad enjoys double duty crafting music for

television these days, in addition to his ongoing career with Night Ranger. While he still records

and tours Japan, Europe and the US with Night Ranger, his broadcast music gig has become his “regular”

job. Brad has placed over 400 Music-Tracks with ESPN, Fox Sports, EA Sports Video-Games, feature

Movies, and Radio-Spots. “I just love being in my studio, and recording music all day,” Brad explains.

“I’ve been very lucky to have the luxury of playing music my entire career.”

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